Andrzej Zalasinski, Jr. (ahn-jay zah-lah-sin-ski) B.A., M.S., CSM®

Andrzej Zalasinski, Jr. --(ahn-jay zah-lah-sin-ski) --B.A., M.S., CSM®

AZ is known for his relentless ability to pursue "the big idea," his visionary approach to projects, and his design sensibility. Hybrid by choice, Andrzej offers unique and versatile set of skills and experiences, bringing creativity and clear focus to his work. He believes (wholeheartedly) in leadership from bottom up, is a T-shaped skills advocate, and has no plans to cease his curiosity anytime soon.

After relocating from Vienna, Austria to the U.S. in 2000, he has advised businesses on development and branding strategies in a wide range of mediums including digital, print, TV, radio, web, video and direct response advertising.

fun fact...

Warning: at any sign of a hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, please stay calm, close your eyes, and click the back button.

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just ask next time we're having coffee, to hear the story behind and hear me saying it (I'll bet, you can't say it faster)

all-time dream...
One day, to be a part of ANY project by Pat Metheny and/or Lyle Mays
Key Roles:

creative / art direction, ux architecture & development, strategy & vision, business analysis

Balanced with:

alpine skiing, scuba diving, cycling, roller skating, scrum enthusiasting