"Frankly speaking" Veni - Vidi - Vici in progress

“Some people become a touchstone in your life.” Georgia said, recalling her own youth experiences.
Frank took a slow, ceremonial sip of his five o’clock Earl Grey tea, infused with clotted Devonshire cream. His jumbo mug could easily hold a pint and 7 imperial ounces of his favorite libation. “You just needed to bloody well do it and you’ve done well” he continued.

As usual, I was seated in his Wassily chair, which structure naturally forced me to fall back; making it somewhat awkward to consume tea as my inner child wanted nothing more than to bounce up, down and sideways. Frank and I never tired of fondly poking fun at all “the bollocks” and cultural contrasts in our adopted country. Mind you, there was a healthy generation gap between us, yet somehow we found parallels between his childhood in WW2 London and a few decades later, my own, behind the Iron Curtain.

“I’m so happy we crossed paths” I said earlier; I reminisced the time when I relocated from Vienna, Austria to the US in 2000 and, as a desire to build my reputation and network I started a consulting firm to advise businesses on development, marketing, and branding strategies, promotional events, web design & development.

Rising from humble beginnings, I’ve been fortunate to consult with marketers and business executives using my creative talents. On that journey, I’ve crossed the paths with an array of creative minds, who inspired and were instrumental in shaping the MBD to what it’s stands for today. Georgia Gould-Lyle and Frank Ariss signed off on their project book, but they will continue to mentor through their emails, sketches and my memories.


Journey Continues

Since 2000, we've grown, shifted, shaped, morphed, continued to educate ourselves and be relevant to the perpetual and inevitable change in technology, and its role in business communication and marketing.

We've established firm roots, but we want to thrive — and we want you to prosper with us. We always push, always reach for more. While we take pride in our work, we perpetually search for ways to hone our métier.

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